Centurion Landscaping Spokane

Lawn Mowing

We are here to mow your lawn. we offer Daily, Weekly, Monthly service.

Weed Control, Weed Removal

We offer weed control for your lawn, weed removal and spray.

Fertilize Lawn 

We offer fertallation to make your lawn greener and stronger.

Prunning and Trimming Shrubs

During the spring and Winter Shrubbs might need a little trimming, we are here to help. We have years of experience.

Yard Cleaning

Weeding, Hauling debris, lot clearing, Weed hauling, we won’t leave a mess behind.

Snow Removal

We offer Snow removal for your home, we clean sidewalks, patios, doorways, lots, driveways. While you stay warm inside your home, we will clean for you!

Fall Cleaning, Leaf raking, Yard Clean up. 

We prepare you for winter. Let us clean up your yard before snow comes. We do the raking and cleaning for you.

Sprinkler Blowout

Let us blow your sprinkler before freezing teperatures come, you wont have any issues when you start them up in the summer.


Do you have dry spots or leaking valves? We understand that your landscape depends on precise watering and that’s why we’ll see that the water hits in all the right places.